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Activated charcoal toothbrush "Experience"

Do you have sensitive or bleeding gums?

Your gums are the soil of the roots of your teeth.

Do you suffer from Gingivitis or Periodontitis , if cold or heat gives you unpleasant sensations, you must act now

  • Nothing irreversible, often the gums are sensitive because they are inflamed by excess subgingival tartar.
  • In this specific case, you must adapt the care of your gums to an appropriate toothbrush to reduce bleeding.
  • Reduces bad breath and Dental Tartar.The natural porosity of charcoal facilitates the absorption of dental plaque.
  • If your teeth are loose or moving due to excess dental tartar, charcoal will reduce this tartar buildup.
  • This charcoal toothbrush significantly reduces the accumulation of dental plaque.

How can a toothbrush heal my gums?

A toothbrush, whatever it is, will never heal your gums, to claim that would be a fabrication.

  • If your gums are inflamed, quickly consult a dentist to clean the gum area.
  • Then a toothbrush can be used to maintain this area but its choice is important for your dental hygiene.
  • You should use a soft toothbrush with rounded bristles.
  • Very important: change your toothbrush every 2 month.

Why is the Silver Care “Charcoal Experience” toothbrush different?

Brushing teeth helps remove bacteria to prevent them from turning into dental plaque then in tartar and regain good oral hygiene.

  • If plaque is not removed enough, it hardens and sticks to the base of the teeth and penetrates under the gums.
  • A special Charcoal toothbrush means that the structure of its soft bristles is suitable for dissolving dental plaque.

If I use Silver Care EXPERIENCE Charcoal, will my gums no longer hurt?

Gum pain does not disappear like a migraine, it takes time to regain gingival firmness.

A bacteria passes from the toothbrush to the mouth, then into the saliva, then into the blood and migrates to the muscles and organs.

  • Each filament of the head is rounded to reduce bleeding unlike the majority of toothbrushes where the bristles are cut with a paper cutter and have angular and aggressive heads.
  • This technique of polishing the bristles of the brush avoids scratching and irritating the gums with each brushing.
  • The technical structure makes it possible to remove a maximum amount of dental plaque around the teeth, in the interdental spaces but above all the very fine tips allow complete cleaning of the
  • t51>gingival sulcus in depth.

The use of dental floss and mouthwash is recommended.

bleeding gums or periodontal disease (gum disease) are not always irreversible.

What will happen if I use a Silver Care Gum toothbrush?

  • The first sensation will be immediate: the softness of the brushing is surprising, this is the main comment from all our customers.
  • Day after day, your gums will firm up, your inflammations will decrease, the unpleasant feeling of hot and cold will subside, the bad breath will decrease to regain a pleasant freshness.

You do not risk a significant financial commitment because the Silver Care EXPERIENCE Gum brush lasts 3 months, or only 1.€98/month.  

You'll soon be changing your toothbrushes, try Silver Care EXPERIENCE Charbon, it's not more expensive but you'll like the difference.



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