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Discover the benefits of Silver Care products on your gums, teeth or breath.

Nouvelle brosse à dents antibactérienne pour adultes et enfants, brosse à dents écologique ne changez que la tête

Silver Care patent

Unique: Head coated in pure silver.

We brush our teeth to remove bacteria from our mouth, not to add millions of them!

Regardless of brand, price or design, a toothbrush contains more than 10 million residual bacteria.

Ecological toothbrush

Why throw away the whole toothbrush?

A toothbrush handle is rarely worn out, why throw away the whole toothbrush, only change the head!

By throwing away our entire toothbrush, we throw away 1,200 tonnes of plastic every year for nothing! WHY?


Yes of course, your order is shipped within 1 to 2 days in a bubble letter with tracking. in mainland France and Corsica.

Just click on the CONTACT area at the bottom of the site and open the "Track my package" section.

You can also click here: TRACK MY PACKAGE

In principle delivery takes place within 24 to 48 hours, working days by post.

Check carefully that the postman can access your mailbox to leave a bubble envelope or a small parcel.

Difficult to answer this question, the choice of a Silver Care dental hygiene product will depend on your needs and your problems.

On each article we try to explain as best as possible the product characteristics.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to write to us in the section CONTACT, this is our job to inform you.

Few people dare to ask for advice on a toothbrush, but it's really important and it's free.

All Silver Care products are manufactured in a artisan company for 150 years based in Venice.

Our components are of very high quality, handle, head, packaging, sterilization are carried out in the factory.

Our stock is based in Provence. Your orders are shipped within 24 hours.

All SILVER CARE items are sterilized upon packaging to avoid contamination during transport or storage.

Soft toothbrush, Medium toothbrush, Child toothbrush, Baby toothbrush.

Choosing 1 Pack 1 year allows you to always have impeccable dental hygiene products.

Honestly, do you remember the date when you should change your toothbrush?

Very often we buy a toothbrush when we pass by the aisle in a store or when it is really worn out.

Social life is busy enough not to always think about everything: work, children, daycare, school, transport, friends, in short, simply life.

However, having a good toothbrush is important for the health of adults and children.

A worn toothbrush scratches the enamel, the teeth become dull with an increased risk of decay, and above all you will traumatize the gum tissues.

The gums will become very sensitive with loosening day after day and a strong sensitivity to hot and cold.

With the Pack you will receive a Silver Care toothbrush, ecological and antibacterial with its refills for 1 year from €9.95/year.

Every 11 weeks, you will receive an email to think about changing the toothbrush head.

Your toothbrush will always be perfect. This is our job at your service.

Important: no advertising harassment will be sent to you improperly, we are serious professionals.

Not at all, the price may seem high but each toothbrush from the ONE or H2O range lasts several months.

Prices vary from 0.85€/month for classic H2O to 1.65€/month for the luxury ONE range and we deliver to your home by Tracked Delivery.

Rest assured that the quality of the products you purchase on this site is far superior to that which can be found in traditional stores.

You receive our products at home in sterilized packaging to avoid any microbial pollution during transport or storage, all without having to travel.

The Silver Care company is very concerned about the environment. Its president is a navigator who constantly fights to save the oceans.

Every year more than 80 million toothbrushes are thrown away for nothing, you will agree with us that you have never worn out a handle, only the head of the toothbrush is to be replaced.

This is why we chose to only change the head on the ONE and H2O models.

This saves thousands of tonnes of plastic thrown away each year for nothing in France.

Other brands do it too, the difference: Silver Care invented a patent which allows to destroy 95% of the 10 million bacteria which are found every day in a toothbrush .

By purchasing a Silver Care product with the changeable head, you participate with this small gesture in a big action for the environment, throwing 1 toothbrush in our trash is nothing but more than 80 million , imagine!

Silver has long been known for its antibacterial and disinfectant properties.

Its wide use in Chinese, Egyptian, Roman and Persian medicine made silver a universal remedy, as we know it today.

Since the times of the Greeks and Romans, nobles used silver tableware and utensils every day.

The Romans and Greeks had already realized that this noble metal could ward off diseases.

It is precisely from the assimilation of this metal, in fact, that the legend derives according to which the blood of nobles is blue.

But back to Silver Care, when does the head become antibacterial?

Simple, when the silver that covers the head comes into contact with water or saliva.

This natural antibacterial process takes place thanks to the active ions contained in pure silver, this technique makes it possible to eliminate 95% of bacteria residual residues in the brush head EVERY 24 HOURS.

Thanks to this antibacterial process, when we brush our teeth, we always put a clean toothbrush in our mouth.

You will never see a white film at the base of your Silver Care toothbrush, this is proof that your toothbrush is permanently free of bacteria.

Of course, silver has no impact on the human body and this technology has been recognized and approved by several universities.



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