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Silver care Antibacterial Toothbrush - What is it?

Why use a Silver Care toothbrush?


Every toothbrush is subject to inevitable bacterial contamination.

It is caused by contact with microorganisms present in the mouth.

- Due to the complexity of its structure and function, the head of a toothbrush is intended to undergo significant contamination.

- This determines the presence of a potential risk of infection at the time of successive brushings.

- A series of clinical experiments evaluated the degree of residual microbial contamination of Streptococcus Mutans.

Comparison of a “Silver Care” toothbrush with a “silver head” with a traditional toothbrush:

- The data obtained clearly highlights the antibacterial activity of the silver ions deposited on the surface of the head of the Silver Care toothbrush.

- After normal daily use, you can check the bacterial reduction on the graph below.

Synthesis: in contact with water, the pure silver which covers the head of the brush activates an important natural antibacterial process.

- Destruction of 95% of millions of bacteria every 24 hours.

- Finally brush your teeth with a clean toothbrush every day.

Don't think it's completely superfluous, nature is magical, this technique has been around for centuries.

- Gold prospectors put silver nuggets in their gourds, certainly not for the taste of the water but to keep it disinfected.

- The difference is that this has never been used on a toothbrush.

- Silver Care invented the world's first silver-headed toothbrush.

The silver that covers the head of the ONE toothbrush has extraordinary power over the cleanliness of the toothbrush.

- The toothbrush head lasts 2 to 3 months maximum in the H2O or ONE range.

- The ionic effect will destroy the millions of bacteria present in your toothbrush and will disappear.

- When you change your head, there will be no more money, the ionic action will have destroyed the covering layer, no pollution in nature.


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