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Baby toothbrush 6 to 36 months

Tooth hygiene for babies and prevention of cavities.

From birth, it is recommended to start cleaning a baby's gums after bottle feeding.

  • As soon as the first tooth arrives, you must brush it with a small toothbrush with very soft bristles.
  • It is recommended to brush a child's teeth at least twice a day. You should also clean the gums gently.
  • Brushing teeth before nighttime is particularly important for a baby.
  • If changing your toothbrush every 2 months is important for an adult, it is also important for a baby.

As soon as the hairs separate on the head, you must quickly change your toothbrush so as not to scratch the young enamel and traumatize the gums.

  • At birth, a baby's mouth does not contain cariogenic bacteria.
  • It is by bringing objects to his mouth that these bacteria enter his body and of course his toothbrush.
  • These bacteria are often transmitted to it by contaminated objects or by the saliva of adults.
  • If the right conditions are met, these bacteria can then cause cavities.

Primary caries often occurs before age 5 and can affect a baby's first teeth.

  • When the child eats or drinks, food particles stick to his teeth.
  • Caries bacteria then transform the sugar in these particles into acids.
  • It is these acids which attack the tooth enamel.
  • When a child has a cavity, the enamel on the surface of the tooth becomes dull, yellow, or brown.

As soon as decay begins to invade the tooth, it quickly gets worse.

  • It will become painful and will interfere with the child's sleep and eating.
  • Untreated cavities can have a negative impact on growth and language learning.
  • You must consult a dentist very quickly because it must be treated quickly.

How to reduce the transmission of bacteria in your baby's mouth:

  • Watch everything your newborn puts in his mouth.
  • Do not put his pacifier in your mouth before giving it to him.
  • Avoid kissing your baby on the mouth.
  • Do not use the same spoon to taste your baby's food.
  • Your baby must have his own toothbrush, he must not share it with anyone.
  • Always dry your toothbrush in the open air, not in a plastic cover with the head facing upwards.

As for adults, the baby's toothbrush should not touch other toothbrushes in the storage glass.

Silver Care Antibacterial Baby Toothbrush

  • Ergonomic shape, penguin design.
  • No risk of suffocation.
  • Used to massage the gums while teething.
  • Antibacterial bristles in the center of the head that destroy 95% of all bacteria on the toothbrush every 24 hours
  • Your child will not redeposit millions of bacteria from their toothbrush in their mouth using the exclusive Silver Care ionization technique.
  • Unique Silver Care patent, greatly reduces the risk of developing cervical caries from an early age.
  • Toothbrush sterilized in the packaging, Blue, Pink, Green or Black color.
  • To be used with a fluoridated toothpaste adapted to the age of your child.

A dose of toothpaste the size of a grain of rice is enough for a baby aged 8 to 24 months.


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