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Become a Silver Care reseller

Become a Silver Care reseller !

Are you looking for additional income without risk?

Join us and become an Official Silver Care Reseller in your region:

If your monthly income is limited, if you want to go on a trip, buy a car, we offer you additional income or a real salary while having your own freedom, join us .

Obviously this is only valid if you are motivated, free money or without doing anything does not exist except in the Lotto.

How can I sell Silver Care products?

We offer you a risk-free partnership formula, we want maximum freedom and clarity with our resellers, only a few ethical rules must be respected.

Your income will only depend on your will, understand that selling Silver care products is a recurring income, without competition and easy.

How much does it cost?

To be your own boss, the total budget is €1,850 including tax with a mini stock and training.

  • Then subscription of €20/month excluding tax.No other fees will be requested.
  • No termination fees, you start when you want, you stop when you want. (Minimum 6 months).

Should I pay any charges or taxes?

You want to earn €200 more per month to pay for your vacation or €2500 per month for a salary, it only depends on you.

  • The charges will be proportional to your income, to start the best status is self-employed, no sales = no charges, sales = approximately 24% all-inclusive charges.
  • If you have additional income, of course you will have to declare it in your income tax return.
  • This is not about making “black money”, after which you are free to declare your income or not, you are completely free.

Do I have to travel, I have children and I need to be available?

Important: our resellers have exclusive territories without competition throughout their career.

  • You will be able to move around in your zone, whatever happens you do what you want and where you want and how you want.
  • You have no accountability to us.

Can everyone do it?

Of course, additional income is possible for everyone from 18 to 77 years old and above all regardless of social status.

  • Before sending an application file, your request will be studied for acceptance, a form will be sent to you upon your request.
  • Following this request, selective criteria will be taken into consideration, mainly the geographical area. If this area is occupied by another reseller, it will not be possible to accept the request. For international areas, the study is carried out on a case-by-case basis.

When should I pay?

Before the training and collaboration are set up, the initial invoice must be paid in full, either in one installment or in several installments.

No files will be reimbursed during and after the training. If youus are accepted for training, your commitment will be firm.

The training dates will be defined 3 to 4 weeks before the event to allow everyone to organize themselves.

  • The allocation will only be effective after the balance of the total amount.
  • Payment can only be made by check, transfer or credit card.
  • An invoice will be provided with each payment.

Am I required to be registered with the Chamber of Trades?

Yes, we are a French company, established since 2004, we respect French tax laws and VAT laws.

You will benefit from a professional rate, as such we must deliver to customers with invoices including VAT and recognized as professionals and therefore registered.

  • You will need to provide proof of official registration in a trade register or Chamber of Commerce on the day of signing the contract. (SARL status, Self-employed, etc.).

Will I have a lot of fees or money to advance?

Initially, a small stock is included in the price of your contract. You can already start selling products around you.

You must understand that selling products or toothbrushes is a recurring sale, it comes back automatically every 2 to 3 months.

You are already your own customers, you already buy toothbrushes, then your family, your friends, your colleagues, sports clubs, schools, businesses, etc…

  • Just imagine the number of people around you who buy a toothbrush every 2 to 3 months.
  • When you have sold once, you can resell every 2 or 3 months to the same people.
  • The most important work is at the start, during the 4 to 12 months depending on your desire to gain or less if you show boundless energy, after which you will just have to track your customers on your computer and ship.
  • We will offer you several options to do this monitoring for you.
  • Money to advance? No, these are only travel costs such as for doing your shopping, not stock costs since initially you will already have stock to sell.
  • You will only buy back if you have sold, you will then be able to buy back minimum quantities.
  • No risk of debt, especially not with us.

Why don't you sell directly yourself?

We already sell directly everywhere, if we make a sale in a reseller's area, it will be passed on to the reseller, we will no longer process it.

  • We could take on independent salespeople, we made the moral choice to offer people in difficulty, with a low financial limit or simply to keep themselves busy, the opportunity to start an activity lucrative at very little cost and above all an activity that does not engulf them in even more debt.
  • We are not a large group, we are a French company on a human scale, you can reach us easily, you can come to our offices.
  • We are not utopians either, in order to make money, you have to make money. We succeed together, not alone.
  • If you don't have this will and this confidence in us, don't come. Don't look for a scam, there isn't one.

I don’t know anything about teeth?

Like 90% of the population, this is completely normal. We never grant operating rights to a person who has not been trained, this is included in the starting price.

  • You will not be a doctor after the training but you will have understood how dental hygiene works, you will have understood why Silver Care products are unique in the world (worldwide patent).
  • You will have understood why you will have no competition, you will have learned how to offer products, how to work, how to earn money by building a clientele easily even for people who do not have a commercial soul.
  • You just need to talk to your loved ones, friends, colleagues, to know your subject and your product.
  • Finally we will have had the pleasure of welcoming you and getting to know you.

Can I stop whenever I want?

We will always be at your side to help you succeed, you can call us every working day for information, help, etc.

You will not have to report to us, you do what you want, the minimum duration is 6 months.

If you wish to stop your business, you are free, no problem.

  • You will owe us nothing. Your sector will be assigned to another reseller. Yes, you can really stop whenever you want and at no cost.
  • As in all partnership or training contracts, in the event of termination, the initial invoice will not be refunded.
  • If you have any stock left on the date of your sale, we will buy it back from you at the price you paid for it without penalty.
  • You have the possibility of reselling your business, the buyer must respect the same conditions as those of your contract.
  • We wish happy resellers who make money, you will not have any constraints imposed apart from getting up in the morning but this time- here you will do it for you and without pressure.

If it doesn't work, what do I risk?

Absolutely nothing, we tell you again, you won't owe us anything! You are not bound by any constraints, we do not want to put a burden on you.

  • You go online and close your self-employed status.(or others)
  • If you have paid your expenses, your business adventure will be over without any damage or debt.
  • At the start, you will sign a contract where everything will be indicated and especially the cessation clause, you will see that it does not commit you to any prosecution or costs .

Can I use the brand name?

Of course, it is important for the image and the difference of the product.

  • You will not be able to transform the logo, if you make written or electronic advertisements, you will have to send us the model for validation.
  • You will be able to present your company and products on social networks but not a sales store on the internet.
  • You can use the official ampheris or you will be registered so that your customers or future customers can find you.
  • You will have to apply the prices that will be imposed on you, more expensive is not a problem but not cheaper, all resellers are under the same conditions. In the event of non-compliance with any of these criteria, our sales agreement may be terminated.
  • If a sale is made in your sector by another means than you (websites, fairs, etc.) the sale will come back to you.
  • We will explain to you the conditions in the case of family sales outside your area which are obviously still possible.
  • Sale in Supermarkets and Hypermarkets is prohibited. Sale in pharmacies is authorized but be careful with the costs.
  • Sale in markets or fairs is authorized.
  • In the event of transfer, no customer rights compensation will be paid. The exploitation of your zone will become free again. We will take over orders from your customers who wish.

Should I buy the products?

Yes, you are your own boss, rest assured, you will be able to buy at professional prices even small quantities, (minimum 12 pieces) plus shipping costs.

  • You can buy and pay for your purchases online, by transfer or by mail.
  • We will ship your order to your home by carrier within 24 to 48 hours maximum on working days.
  • During the training we will present other solutions to you if you do not wish to have stock at home.
  • Your profit margin will depend on your investment in work and will therefore define your income.
  • Understand that it is an easy, not tiring, free and very lucrative job but it is not the Lottery, there is a minimum of work involved. provide.
  • You will discover during the training how a customer file can be quickly created.
  • ​During the training, you will see that running your business will be very simple.

Can I work with family?

Yes, you do what you want and with whom you want, your children, your friends, your colleagues.

  • The main thing is to be officially registered. You must also be insured for at least civil liability.
  • There will be only one contact between you and us.
  • You already have a company! You will be able to add our products to your catalog.
  • Sales must remain within your attribution area.
  • If you already have traveling salespeople, you will need to acquire other areas available at the initial conditions to offer our products.

Important, out of respect for honesty, zones are allocated by date of response to the questionnaire, by full payment of the request and by the date of signature of the contract.As long as you do not receive an official MASSILIA DENTAL - AMPHERIS customer number.COM, your zone and your contract are not validated.

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