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Gum Information

What to do to have beautiful gums?

Having a beautiful smile is every person's wish and that means having beautiful teeth.

But to have beautiful, bright teeth, it is imperative to have beautiful gums.

Today 8 out of 10 adults suffer from periodontal disease (Periodontium).

This disease can lead to loss of jaws and ultimately loss of teeth.

If your gums are red; sensitive, if they bleed when brushing, you probably suffer from gingivitis.

Gencives qui saignent

The gum is a set of tissues that surround the tooth to hold it in place in the bone.

The Periodontium is the association of gums, a ligament, a bone and a layer called the cement which allows the ligament to cling to the root of the tooth.

All day long, food particles are deposited on the gums.

The bacteria will quickly target these particles which will transform into dental plaque.

When brushing, this dental plaque must be removed as much as possible.

The benefit of using a toothbrush with Silver Care antibacterial technology is well established.

In fact, if when brushing you remove bacteria but you reload with the millions of bacteria found in your toothbrush, brushing becomes significantly less effective.

If plaque is not properly removed, it will turn into tartar.

The bacteria will take up residence on this tartar.

From this moment, they will multiply and cause inflammation of the gums, bleeding may appear when brushing.

If these bacteria are not eliminated as much as possible, the inflammation, in addition to being painful and unpleasant, will progress towards loss of tissue, bone and ligament.

The tooth will no longer be contained and will eventually fall out.

The Silver Care Special Gum toothbrush is not magic, it was designed by researchers who know their job, the implantation of the bristles is calculated to remove a maximum of plaque in the gingival sulcus (between the tooth and the gum) without irritating or traumatizing.

This is why the hairs are of different levels.

Brosse pour Gencive

The head covered in pure silver, on contact with water, produces an ionizing action which will kill the millions of bacteria present in your toothbrush.

What's the point? Simply don't allow millions of bacteria to migrate from your toothbrush to your mouth, then into your saliva, then into the blood to end up in the organs and muscles.

It is nature that created this ionic action, Silver Care has adapted it to the toothbrush.

Remember, before we offered a silver cup for a birth, a little water inside, we soaked a toothbrush, pacifier, cutlery. etc… This action killed the bacteria.

Silver Care is not more expensive, it is much more effective!

For the price of 1 coffee, enjoy a month of real brushing.


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