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Silver Care One Kit 1 Year of brushing of your choice

OUnique Amphéris Gift - Silver Care

1 Year of High Tech tooth brushing. (2.€24/month Free Shipping)

Silver Care luxury toothbrush. Change only the head

No toothbrush can bring you so many benefits, Silver Care is the only patented antibacterial toothbrush, it was created for you. She's here!

  • It's not marketing, it's really reality, discover Silver Care today for your health of tomorrow.
  • Every 10 weeks, you will receive an email to change your head. Give your mouth the luxury care it deserves.
  • Ionic technology to improve your health  for just the price of 1 coffee or 5 cigarettes a month.

Silver Care Technique and Patent

The Silver Care patent develops an ionic action thanks to the head covered in silver. On contact with water, silver produces an ionic reaction which will destroy the 10 million bacteria which are in your toothbrush but which you will never be able to see.

Bacteria are responsible for bad breath, cavities, painful gums, stroke risks, heart risks, premature births, diabetes, muscle fatigue, joint pain, loose teeth, etc.
1 - This process is not fanciful or magical, nature created it, it had never been adapted to a toothbrush.
No brand offers all these antibacterial qualities.
2 - The head is replaceable: why throw away the whole brush when only the head is worn out.
Your ecological action helps save thousands of tonnes of plastic thrown away for nothing.

3 Ailments - 3 Products - 3 Solutions.

a) Special gum: the structure and location of the bristles allow gentle brushing.
The ionic action will destroy the bacteria which will not be reintroduced into the mouth, this reduction will allow your gums to strengthen.

b) Special white teeth: the filaments contain in their structure Carboante de Cacium (CaCo3) carefully dosed.
Day after day, the stains and the gray veil from your teeth will disappear. Your smile will regain its luminosity. The ionic action will also strengthen your gums.


c) Tartar Special: the implantation and structure of the hairs will help eliminate more dental plaque and reduce tartar day after day.
Your breath will regain its freshness. The ionic action will considerably reduce your level of bacteria responsible for tartar.

For your next purchase of toothbrush for yourself or your loved ones, try Silver Care, it's not more expensive, it's 95% more effective.

Luxury for the essentials: your health.


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