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Information - Silver Care H2O toothbrush

Do you suffer from sensitive or bleeding gums?

Your gums are the soil of the roots of your teeth.

Do you suffer from Gingivitis or Periodontitis, if cold or heat gives you unpleasant sensations, you must act now.

- Nothing irreversible, often the gums are sensitive because they are inflamed by excess subgingival tartar.

- In this specific case, you must adapt the care of your gums to an appropriate toothbrush to reduce bleeding.

    How can a toothbrush heal my gums?

    A toothbrush, whatever it is, will never heal your gums, to claim that would be a fabrication.

    - If your gums are inflamed, consult a dentist quickly to clean the gingival area.

    - Then a toothbrush can be used to maintain this area but its choice is important for your dental hygiene.

    Why is the Silver Care H2O toothbrush different?

    Toothbrushing allows you to clean your teeth and gums, but who cleans the toothbrush?

    - Brushing teeth helps remove bacteria to prevent them from turning into dental plaque then in tartar.

    - If dental plaque is not removed enough, it hardens, sticks to the base of the teeth and penetrates under the gums.

    - The negative side is that in a toothbrush, more than 10 million bacteria proliferate happily all day long.

    - When you brush your teeth again, these residual bacteria will be redeposited in your mouth.

    - The Silver Care H2O Supple toothbrush will destroy 95% of these bacteria every 24 hours.


      If I use Silver Care H2O, will my teeth no longer hurt?

      - Gum pain does not disappear like a migraine, it takes time to recover gingival firmness.

      - A bacteria passes from the toothbrush to the mouth, then into the saliva, then into the blood and migrates to the muscles and organs.

      - The base of the Silver Care head is coated with pure silver, in contact with water a natural ionic action occurs.

      - This action will destroy 95% of the millions of bacteria present in your toothbrush, whatever the brand.


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