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More info Silver Care PLUS NEW medium toothbrush.

Silver Care NEW Plus Medium toothbrush.

We all know that brushing your teeth is important. Yet for decades there has been no truly revolutionary innovation since the implantation of synthetic thread in a plastic handle.

Researchers have discovered that the main dental pathology is bacterial proliferation.

A toothbrush has been found to contain more than 10 million bacteria. This discovery is dramatic.

The accumulation of bacteria creates dental plaque, the residue of dental plaque solidifies and turns into tartar, the tartar progresses, penetrates into the furrow between the tooth and the gum, inflames the gums which become irritated, retract and cause teeth to become loose.

  • The millions of bacteria migrate from the brush to the saliva, penetrating the blood, cells, muscles and organs.
  • If you are an amateur or professional athlete, an excess of bacteria greatly reduces performance. Discover our articles on sport and dental hygiene.

Silver Care researchers have developed the latest toothbrush invention, they have adapted to the toothbrush what nature created, ionization.

The toothbrush head is coated with pure silver; on contact with water or saliva, silver produces an ionic action which destroys bacteria naturally.

  • The Silver Care H2O Medium toothbrush has this technology. When at rest, the silver in the brush destroys 95% of millions of bacteria in 24 hours.
  • Find a clean toothbrush for your next brushing, with the H2O Medium toothbrush, you will eliminate as many bacteria as possible.
  • The dental plaque will reduce, the gum line will be perfectly cleaned. The reduction of bacteria will give you fresh and lasting breath.

Ecological: only change the head, the handle is never worn. This action saves more than 1,200 tonnes of plastic thrown away for nothing in France.

  • This toothbrush lasts 4 months and costs only €1.24/month. It is sterilized in the packaging for perfect protection delivered to your home.
  • In every respect identical to the H2O brush with a larger head for larger mouths.
  • Don't worry, we'll send it to your home. Every 2 months you will receive 1 email to think about changing your head.  

Brosse à dents NEW Plus Médium

Brosse à dent smédium Silver Care NEW Plus


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