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Info ONE Charcoal Toothbrush

To find healthy gums and fresh breath.

What could be more pleasant than spending an evening with friends, meeting new people, meeting up with family, but what could be more unpleasant than speaking with a person whose breath is off-putting.

Difficult to tell a friend or spouse that they have jackal breath.

Yet the majority of these people brush their teeth regularly but apart from certain foods, dishes or sodas (apart from very festive evenings) it is the bacteria which cause this bad breath.

It is difficult for us to personally feel that our breath is closer to the skunk than to the rose. But who dares to tell us?

The first solution is to brush your teeth with a quality product.

A typical toothbrush contains more than 10 million bacteria.

By brushing your teeth you add these bacteria to your mouth, we wash our teeth to remove as many bacteria as possible, not to add them.

The activated carbon of this brush has been hot incorporated into the design of the filaments and dissolves dental plaque which is a colony of holiday for bacteria.

An excess of dental plaque is transformed into tartar which will ferment in the mouth. The head of the brush is coated with silver, silver in contact with water destroys 95% of bacteria in 24 hours.

Every morning find a clean toothbrush, do not add in your mouth what you remove.

Professional design, shipped from France, perfect for preserving gum tissue.

Ecological: only change the head, the handle is never worn, saving 1200 tonnes of plastic in one year in France.

Economical: this toothbrush lasts 6 months with its refill. We will send you an email on the date of the head change.

Economic, ecological, gentle, effective, better breath for only €1.66/month, difficult to do better. Shall we send it to you?


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