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ONE Gum toothbrush information

With the High Tech Silver Care One toothbrush for gums, choose the model recommended by many dentists to relieve dental sensitivities.

Designed with tapered and finely rounded filaments, this soft-bristled toothbrush :

  • Softens brushing to preserve gums and enamel.
  • Cleans your teeth deeply.
  • Reduces plaque with easy insertion of bristles between narrower interdental spaces.

An anti-bacterial toothbrush with interchangeable head

With the idea of ​​offering the best oral care, Ampheris offers toothbrushes with anti-bacterial silver silk bristles. These release active ions on contact with water which reduce the bacterial load, in order to have a perfectly clean toothbrush each time you use.

With the click&change system, opt for an eco-responsible toothbrush. In addition to saving money, easily replace Silver Care One heads and keep the plastic handle to help protect the environment.

How to brush your teeth without damaging your gums ?

If your gums hurt, it may be due to inadequate brushing. To do it properly, take the time to brush your teeth from top to bottom with a slight rotation of the wrist. Gently let the bristles provide gentle and deep care for your teeth and gums.

*The kit contains a toothbrush and a refill for 6 months of use.

  • Delivery: 1 ONE Silver Care Gums toothbrush + 1 Refill!
  • Don't go anywhere, we'll deliver to your home.
  • This kit lasts 6 months or €2.16/month. Free Shipping.


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