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Info ONE Medium 2 toothbrush

Silver Care ONE Medium Toothbrush

This kit lasts 6 months or €1.66/month.

Your teeth are loose, you suffer from bad breath. We must act quickly.

  • The toothbrush is a care product, its choice is important.
  • This toothbrush really takes care of your teeth.
  • Its bristles are suitable for removing a maximum of dental plaque.
  • The groove between the tooth and the gum is perfectly cleaned.
  • This is the most important area because plaque accumulates there.
  • Poorly removed dental plaque hardens and turns into tartar which loosens teeth.
  • It is absolutely necessary to reduce the number of bacteria and remove as much plaque as possible.
  • Each brushing, this brush provides superior cleaning of dental plaque.

A normal toothbrush has a lifespan of 2 to 3 months maximum.

This kit is the equivalent of 2 toothbrushes: 1 handle and 2 refills.

  • For only €1.66 per month, this brush is truly perfect.
  • The base of his head is pure silver, do you know why?
  • Because a toothbrush contains more than 10 million bacteria.
  • Bacteria are the cause of dental plaque and tartar.
  • The only thing that can destroy 95% of these bacteria is silver.
  • In contact with water, silver produces an action of ionic destruction.
  • It's not magic or bla-bla, nature created this action.
  • Silver Care patented it and adapted it to the toothbrush.

If you suffer from bad breath or loose teeth, we can assure you of an improvement.

Of course the loose teeth will not become perfect again but the damage will lessen.

  • With Silver Care, you will not put the millions of bacteria from your brush back into your mouth.
  • You will really gently clean your teeth and gums every day.
  • The bacteria migrate from the brush to the saliva, then the blood, the muscles, the organs.
  • They cause bad breath, fatigue, pain, aches, strokes, etc...
  • We are dental professionals, we know hygiene problems well.

Only change the head, why throw everything away when only the head is worn!

  • With this simple action, together we save more than 1,200 tonnes of plastic per year.
  • Each product is sterilized upon packaging so that it arrives at your home uncontaminated.
  • Receive your Silver Care ONE Medium delivered to your home, quickly with TRACKED SHIPPING.
  • An email will be sent to you every 3 months to think about changing the head.



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