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Silver Care H2O Soft toothbrush!

Your gums are the soil of the roots of your teeth.

Dental plaque inflames your gums, cold or heat gives you unpleasant sensations, you must act now

  • Nothing irreversible, often the gums are sensitive because they are inflamed by excess subgingival tartar.
  • In this specific case, you must adapt the care of your gums to an appropriate toothbrush to reduce bleeding.

Why is the Silver Care H2O Supple toothbrush different?

Toothbrushing allows you to clean your teeth and gums, but who cleans the toothbrush?

  • Brushing your teeth helps remove bacteria to prevent them from transforming into dental plaque and then into tartar.
  • If dental plaque is not removed enough, it hardens and sticks to the base of the teeth and penetrates under the gum line.
  • The negative side is that in a toothbrush, more than 10 million bacteria proliferate happily all day long.
  • When you brush your teeth again, these residual bacteria will be redeposited in the mouth.

The Silver Care H2O Supple toothbrush will destroy 95% of these bacteria every 24 hours thanks to its UNIQUE ionizing technology.

If I use Silver Care H2O Supple, will my gums no longer hurt?

gingival pain does not disappear like a migraine, it takes time to recover gingival firmness.

  • A bacteria passes from the toothbrush to the mouth, then into the saliva, then into the blood and migrates to the muscles and organs.
  • The base of the head of Silver Care H2O Soft is covered with pure silver because the action of silver in contact with water produces an ionic action.
  • Nature created this action and thanks to this, it is a unique and above all natural solution for cleaning a toothbrush that you will find here.
  • In addition to this unique Silver Care patent, the bristles of the toothbrush massage the gum tissues during gentle brushing.

Each filament is rounded unlike the majority of toothbrushes.

This technique of polishing the bristles of the brush avoids scratching and irritating the gums with each brushing.

  • The technical structure makes it possible to remove as much plaque as possible around the teeth.and in the interdental spaces.
  • The use ofdental floss and mouthwash is recommended.
  • Bleeding gums or periodontal disease (gum disease) are not always irreversible.

What will happen if I use a Silver Care H2O Soft toothbrush?

The first sensation will be immediate: the softness of the brushing is surprising, this is the main comment from all our customers.

  • Each time you brush your toothbrush will be clean, you will not redeposit 95% of the toothbrush's 10 million bacteria in your mouth.
  • Your oral health will be preserved.
  • Day after day, your gums will firm up, your dental plaque will reduce, bad breath will diminish.

In 30 years, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

Every year in France alone we throw away more than 80 million toothbrushes.Changing just the head is a very important small gesture.

  • With Silver Care H2O Supple, you only change the head, a handle is never worn out, what do you think?
  • We all have the opportunity to save more than 1000 tonnes of plastic thrown away for nothing each year in France.
  • The handle is guaranteed for life, we will change it for free in the event of a problem.
  • To change the head afterwards, a kit of 2 refills is available for 4 months of brushing delivered to your home with Free Shipping.

Take advantage of our 1 YEAR PACK we take care of everything!​

  • A toothbrush should be changed every 2 to 3 months so that your gums remain firm and do not scratch the enamel.
  • You will receive 1 email regularly to think about changing your mind.

You're going to change your toothbrush soon, try Silver Care H2O Supple.

It's not more expensive but you'll like the difference.


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