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Silver Care Information

Why use the Silver Care toothbrush?

Silver Care toothbrush, new innovative technology to destroy the millions of bacteria found in a toothbrush.

  • There have been no radical innovations in toothbrush design since the introduction of nylon bristles in the 1950s.

  • Silver Care represents the most important innovation in this field since then.

The Silver Care toothbrush is antibacterial.

  • In ancient times, silver spheres were used to purify drinking water by killing bacteria.

  • This century-old concept gave birth to the Silver Care range of dental products, bristles integrated into a head coated with pure silver.

  • On contact with water, the silver head releases active ions which reduce the residual bacterial load.

  • This natural and continuous process has been recognized by several international universities.

Do you know the damage caused by a worn toothbrush?

  • The invasion of bacteria is an invisible evil, so how can we be aware of it?

  • The majority of cases of dental problems come from poor dental hygiene.

  • This does not mean that we do not brush our teeth, quite the contrary but often with bad brushes.

  • Excess dental plaque leads to retraction of the gums, receding, painful cavities, bone infections, bad breath.

To maintain better dental hygiene for longer, use a really different toothbrush.

  • Your toothbrush is loaded with more than 10 million bacteria.

  • These bacteria cannot be eliminated, you can clean your teeth but you cannot wash your toothbrush.

  • The silver at the base of the head, in contact with water, creates an ionic action which destroys these millions of bacteria between two brushings.

  • The bacteria migrate from the brush into the saliva then into the blood, cells, muscles and organs.

The concept of antibacterial silver is just one of the features of the Silver Care range.

  • Bristle structure is a new manufacturing concept.

  • There are new applications with multi-lobe textured filaments.

  • These innovative structures extend cleaning power to the entire length of the bristles, not just the tip.

  • Silver Care toothbrushes are original but the most important aspect is their functionality.

  • Silver Care does not offer electric toothbrushes, only manual toothbrushes.

  • They have ergonomic handles with a special non-slip handle for perfect cleaning.

The Silver Care range is positioned in the average toothbrush market for an equivalent price.

  • Using Silver Care means making a economic choice with optimal quality.

  • Depending on the model, the brushes last 4 to 6 months for a very reduced monthly price.

  • Eco-friendly choice, simply replace the toothbrush head once the bristles lose their original profile.

  • Don't throw away the entire toothbrush, thousands of tons of plastic will be saved and will not be thrown into nature.

IMPORTANT: A toothbrush should be changed every 2 to 3 months maximum.

  • For your next toothbrush change, try Silver Care, It's not more expensive but it's really more effective!


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