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Silver Care ONE Whitening Toothbrush | Ampheris

Special ONE Whiteness Silver Care toothbrush.

Do you find that your teeth are gray, with stains, dull?

  • Nothing irreversible, often dull or gray teeth are the result of normal life, tobacco, tea, coffee, alcohol, etc.
  • Simply adapt your brushing to your needs with an appropriate toothbrush.
  • The Silver Care ONE Whiteness toothbrush has the ability to remove this grayish film naturally.
  • Without any chemicals, you can combine dental brushing and bright teeth.
  • The filaments are encrusted with carefully dosed baking soda for an effective, natural and safe action for the gums.

Why is the Silver Care Blancheur toothbrush different?

  • The particular structure of the bristles with calcium carbonate facilitates the removal of stains.
  • It allows, with continued use, to preserve the shine of the enamel.
  • Medium bristles with reduced flexibility also help to combat tartar formation.
  • The brushing action is never aggressive thanks to the perfect rounded polishing of the tips, total preservation of the gums.
  • Very gentle brushing, complete cleaning of teeth, protection of the gingival tissue which is the wealth of your teeth.

Click & Change system: Changing only the head reduces plastic waste by 92%.

  • Newly developed handle, more resistant with noble materials. 11g counterweight in the handle.
  • Balanced system that allows less pressure to be exerted on the gums.
  • Head covered with pure silver, naturally antibacterial in contact with water.
  • The Silver Care ONE Whiteness toothbrush will destroy 95% of these bacteria every 24 hours.
  • Silver in contact with water produces an ionic action, a natural action to destroy bacteria.

A bacteria passes from the toothbrush to the mouth, then in the saliva, in the blood and migrates to the muscles and organs.

  • The base of the head of Silver Care Whiteness is covered with pure silver, when it comes into contact with water it produces a  ionic action.
  • Nature created this ionic action to disinfect the Silver Care Blancheur toothbrush, unique and above all natural solution to destroy residual bacteria.
  • In addition to this unique Silver Care patent, the bristles of the toothbrush gently massage the gum tissues when brushing.
  • Each filament is rounded unlike the majority of toothbrushes where the bristles are cut with a paper trimmer.
  • This technique of polishing the bristles of the toothbrush avoids scratching and irritating the gums with each brushing.

The technical structure makes it possible to remove as much dental plaque as possible around the teeth, in the interdental spaces.

Brushing is extremely gentle.

In 30 years, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish, this is unacceptable.

Every year in France alone we throw away more than 80 million toothbrushes.We must act together.

With Silver Care ONE Blancheur, you only change the head, a handle is never worn out, what do you think?

Together, we all have the opportunity to save more than 1000 tonnes of plastic thrown away for nothing each year in France.

The handle is guaranteed for life, we will change it for free in the event of a problem.

It is important to change the toothbrush head on a regular basis, you will receive an email to think about it when it is due.

You will receive 1 email every 11 weeks to think about changing the head that comes with the brush, don't think about the date of changing your toothbrush, we'll think about it for you, it’s our job.

You can also choose the "PACK 1 YEAR" at 1.€98/month.(23.€80/year).*


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