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Why does the silver head really make a difference?

Silver Care UNIQUE antibacterial toothbrush.

Did you know that a typical toothbrush can harbor more than 10 million bacteria, including Streptococcus Mutans?

  • The Silver Care H2O or ONE toothbrush has a base coated with pure silver.

  • On contact with water, silver creates an ionic action and reduces the bacterial load by 95%.

  • The antibacterial action is certified by clinical tests carried out by the University of Milan.

  • This patent is unique in the world and only available in France on the ampheris

A traditional toothbrush is infected by various oral micro-organisms which proliferate.

  • Many people find it helpful to cover the toothbrush head with a plastic cover.

  • Above all, the humidity of the brush increases the proliferation of bacteria every day.

  • In the head of a toothbrush, more than 10 million bacteria proliferate.

  • We brush our teeth to remove bacteria, not to add them every day.

  • Health starts with the mouth, use a professional toothbrush: Silver Care.

In Silver Care toothbrushes, it's the silver head that makes the difference.

  • On contact with water, the silver in the base releases active ions resulting in a natural antibacterial process.

  • 95% destruction of pathogens remaining among the silks every 24 hours.

  • Silver Care One was established 150 years ago to meet the needs of everyone.

  • Blister pack of 3 replacement heads with different types of bristles: Sensitive (Gum), Tartar and Whitening.

Choose the silver head that best suits your needs.

Instead of changing your toothbrush, just change your head.

  • Silver Care respects and guarantees your daily oral hygiene while preserving the environment.

By changing only the head and keeping the handle, we limit plastic waste.

  • All Silver Care toothbrushes are made in Italy and use high quality materials.

  • By no longer throwing away the toothbrush handle, we save more than 1000 tonnes of plastic per year.

  • Let money take care of your smile, every day use a perfect toothbrush!

  • Try Silver Care now, we'll deliver it to your home with Tracked Delivery!

Antibacterial technology is available for children and babies.

Each customer receives an email every 2 or 3 months following the article to think about changing the head.

A worn brush has a devastating effect on the gums and enamel.

We are professionals, we follow our customers.

Talking about a toothbrush is perhaps not the most glamorous, yet this small object is a major player in your health today and tomorrow.

You're going to change your toothbrush, try Silver Care, it's risk-free!


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