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Sport and the Toothbrush (Part 2)

Sport has a protective effect and reduces the risk of mortality.


Sport improves the musculoskeletal and cardio-respiratory system, it improves cognitive functions, self-esteem, etc…

A world champion in taekwondo says athletes don't realize the importance of good dental hygiene and what Dental problems can cause inflammation.

The athlete's diet is distinguished by a significant absorption of rapid sugars linked to the muscular effort required.

These quick sugars, if not eliminated by effective brushing, promote the appearance of cavities.

Frequent consumption of these highly acidic energy drinks causes demineralization of the enamel.

It is essential to brush well to keep the gums in good condition, it is the gums that support the teeth, good brushing reduces the risk of tendinitis and  muscle injuries as well as the treatment of injuries caused by playing sports.

When you develop a cavity, fragments of microbes will circulate in the blood and attach to a place already weakened by training like a damaged muscle or a slightly inflamed tendon.

In summary, dental problems can be the cause of certain injuries or recurring pain during sports or strength work.

Teeth are all connected to our vital organs, they are the gateway to different conditions of the human body.

An infection can spread throughout the body through the nerve inside the teeth, these infections can occur in the heart, kidneys, eyes, joints or muscles.

The popular belief that a dental filling could affect sports performance is completely false, teeth breaking or gums bleeding are not the consequence of sporting practice.

When athletes train, saliva decreases, drying out the mouth, regardless of whether they drink water or another beverage.

Notable change, the saliva becomes more alkaline, an excess of alkalinity promotes the formation of plaques of tartar on the teeth, follows the loose teeth or bleeding gums.

The teeth are put under greater strain on athletes who clench their teeth during exercise, it is essential to brush their teeth with a soft toothbrush or medium, hard toothbrushes should be absolutely avoided.

Don't forget that a toothbrush is loaded with more than 10 million bacteria, the SILVER CARE toothbrush is unique in the world, base in silver to remove between 60 to 80% of bacteria between 2 brushings (90% in 24 hours) while a classic toothbrush has 5% more bacteria every 24 hours, these bacteria proliferate while your brush is in use. rest.

The SILVER CARE brush is the result of in-depth research recognized by several world universities, it is used by thousands of athletes, what’s more, it is ecological.

You are sporty, you like nature so in your opinion is it useful to throw away more than 1200 tonnes of plastic per year to make toothbrushes when the only part worn is the head with the hairs.

In conclusion, take care of your body but also take care of your mouth, use the new unique SILVER CARE toothbrush in the world.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day and above all complete brushing with dental floss to remove the dental plaque located between the teeth, after 72 hours the dental plaque transforms in tartar and it is no longer possible to remove it without the intervention of a professional (descaling). Excess tartar causes dteeth to become crooked.

bacterial infection is invisible, unlike your adversaries whom you have visual, you cannot apply a victory tactic without becoming aware of the reality of To have good dental hygiene, healthy teeth and gums in a healthy body, your toothbrush is also part of your sports equipment.

Don't forget to have a check-up with your dentist at least once a year to check for possible infection problems or tooth mesh imbalance which could disrupt your performance.

Remember that a toothbrush should be changed every 2 months, at most every 3 months, you must also brush your tongue, thousands of bacteria reside there permanently, thanks to the antibacterial action of the new SILVER CARE toothbrush, millions of bacteria are destroyed between two brushings so as not to reinstate them in your mouth.

If SILVER CARE is the toothbrush of champions, it is also yours.

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