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Toothbrush Children 3 - 7 years old - Information

Which toothbrush should I choose for a child?

From the age of 3, it is recommended to brush children's teeth twice a day.

  • You should brush them with a small toothbrush with very soft bristles.
  • It is recommended to brush a child's teeth at least twice a day. You should also clean the gums gently.
  • Brushing your teeth before nighttime is particularly important for a child.

If changing your toothbrush regularly is important for an adult, it is also important for a child.

As soon as the hairs separate on the head, you must quickly change your toothbrush so as not to scratch the young enamel and traumatize the gums.

  • At birth, a baby's mouth does not contain the cariogenic bacteria responsible for premature cavities.
  • It is by bringing objects to his mouth that these bacteria enter his body and of course his toothbrush.
  • These are often transmitted to it by contaminated objects or by the saliva of adults.

If the right conditions are met, these bacteria can then cause cavities.

Primary caries often occurs before age 5 and can affect a child's first teeth.

  • When the child eats or drinks, food particles stick to his teeth.
  • Caries bacteria then transform the sugar in these particles into acids.
  • It is these acids which attack the tooth enamel.
  • When a child has a cavity, the enamel on the surface of the tooth becomes dull, yellow, or brown.

As soon as decay begins to invade the tooth, it quickly gets worse.

  • It will become painful and will harm the child's sleep and his eating.
  • Untreated decay can have a negative impact on growth and language learning.
  • You must consult a dentist quickly because it must therefore be treated quickly.

How to reduce the transmission of bacteria in your baby's mouth:

  • Watch everything your child puts in their mouth.
  • Avoid kissing your child on the mouth.
  • Do not use the same spoon to taste your child's food.
  • Your child must have their own toothbrush, they should not share it with anyone.
  • Always dry your toothbrush in the open air, not in a cover, with the head facing upwards.

As for adults, your child's toothbrush should not touch other toothbrushes in its storage cup.

Antibacterial children's toothbrush 3 to 7 years old Silver Care.

  • Ergonomic shape, children's design.
  • Motif to motivate toothbrushing.
  • Antibacterial bristles in the center of the head that destroy 95% of all toothbrush bacteria every 24 hours.
  • Unique Silver Care patent, significantly reduces the risk of developing cervical caries from a very young age.

Use with a fluoridated toothpaste appropriate for your child’s age.

A pea-sized dose of toothpaste is enough for a child aged 3 to 7.

The toothbrush lasts 2 to 3 months - You will receive an email to remember to change the brush - Free shipping.


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