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Toothbrush information

The toothbrush is an essential instrument for dental hygiene.


To orient yourself in a wide choice of products available on the market, you must bear in mind that all toothbrushes must have an ergonomic and comfortable handle and a head adapted to the size of your mouth.

  • The bristles of a toothbrush must be rounded, choose a soft (soft) or Medium (medium) density.
  • Hard brushes are not ideal and should be avoided but should never be used for children.

  • How to store your toothbrush? Always store your toothbrush vertically, never lock it in a protective plastic case as the bacteria will proliferate very quickly.

Change your toothbrush if you are sick, remember that air currents move bacteria, you can contaminate your whole family without knowing it, your brush contains more than 10 million of active bacteria.

  • Don't put all your toothbrushes in the same glass to store them, the bacteria will all mix together, especially if you are sick.
  • A soft toothbrush is recommended if you have sensitive gums and young teeth;

The ONE medium toothbrush is well suited to removing as much dental plaque and thus preventing tartar.

The “Whitenning” toothbrush is ideal for whitening your teeth without any danger, over the weeks, the surface veil or stains on the enamel will disappear without any danger for your enamel and gums.

 In the case of Silver Care refill with 3 heads i.e. a duration of 9 months, we send you an email every 3 months to remind you to change the head. your toothbrush.

An accumulation of bacteria in the mouth can lead to cardiovascular problems, stroke, premature births, worsening diabetes, bad breath and many other diseases…

  • The advantages of a toothbrush with a silver coated base are enormous, a real innovation for maximum protection of teeth and gums, this technique will really destroy 95% of bacteria present in your toothbrush to avoid redepositing them in the mouth.
  • dental brushing with a used toothbrush can impair the performance of amateur athletes or professionals.
  • In major sports teams, dental professionals are involved in the athletes' results.

The bacteria present in the mouth and the toothbrush are distributed in the blood and attach to the muscles, resulting in reduced performance, tendinitis, cramps, severe fatigue, facial muscle tension, etc.

  • The tooth bacteria affect sports parachutists or divers more strongly but no one is aware of this detail because this evil is invisible.
  • If toothbrushing is important for adults, think of children, adolescents for whom oral hygiene is even more important because their teeth are constantly being evolving and fragile, it is today's care that will promote tomorrow's health.
  • Remember that a visit to your dentist at least once a year is strongly recommended.

It is because we are specialists in dental hygiene and because we are familiar with all the ailments and consequences that we offer you these toothbrushes, it's not more expensive but it's much more effective.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.

Your gums will not stop bleeding overnight, your tartar will not be eliminated in just one brushing and your teeth will not regain a super bright shine in 2 weeks, it would be dishonest to make you believe this, it is day after day, week after week that the results will appear, you are building your health for tomorrow today.


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