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[intro]How to get white teeth naturally? You no longer dare smile brightly, your teeth are dull with stains! Over the days, a film is deposited on the teeth which makes them dull and without shine. Smile, your teeth are beautiful! This toothbrush is really suitable for risk-free whitening.


Whiteness toothbrush “Soft Experience”

You no longer dare smile brightly, your teeth are dull with stains!

As the days go by, a film is deposited on the teeth, making them dull and chipless.

How to get white teeth?

We hear this phrase very often.Smile, your teeth are beautiful! We don't all have the same shade of teeth.

  • It is our genes that pigmented our enamel to give it the shade that best matches our face, to our smile.
  • Whitening teeth without control is removing the protection on the surface of the tooth which will make it porous and more yellow in time.
  • You must absolutely avoid whitening your teeth with uncontrolled products, the damage will be irreversible
  • This toothbrush is really suitable for risk-free whitening.

How can a toothbrush make my teeth bright?

A simple ordinary toothbrush, whatever it is, will only slightly lighten the enamel.

  • The Silver Care EXPERIENCE Whitening Toothbrush was created to improve this problem.
  • Soft, rounded bristles, conical structure, incrustation of Calcium carbonate crystals.
  • Silver Care EXPERIENCE is designed to reduce and eliminate the film on the surface of the tooth.

Why is the Silver Care EXPERIENCE Whitening toothbrush different?

We brush our teeth to clean our teeth and gums but who cleans the toothbrush?

  • If dental plaque is not removed enough, it hardens and sticks to the base of the teeth and penetrates under the gum line.
  • In a toothbrush, more than 10 million bacteria proliferate happily all day long.
  • When you brush your teeth again, these residual bacteria will be redeposited in the mouth.
  • This toothbrush removes the film on the surface of the teeth with each brushing, day after day.

If I use Silver Care EXPERIENCE Whitening, will my teeth be whiter?

Contrary to popular belief, white teeth like a sink practically do not exist.

  • The tooth is a living organ, there are blood vessels, it has its own pigmentation.
  • There are approximately 16 different shades of teeth grouped into 4 color groups.
  • If your teeth are yellow, gray, or stained, it's a buildup of plaque film.
  • If you treat this film with a product sold on the internet or by "charlatans" (pardon for the expression), your enamel protection will be dissolved, your teeth will become porous and this state will be irreversible.

The loosening, mobility and loss of your teeth will be much faster.

Your DNA, your genes, your affiliation have given you a shade that matches your smile and your face.

To regain the color of your youth, simply remove the film from the surface of the tooth, day after day and above all without risk.

  • The Silver Care EXPERIENCE Whitening toothbrush was designed for this, it is handcrafted, its process is recognized and approved.
  • Only a dental surgeon can apply specific products that will protect your enamel.
  • To maintain this whitening operation, simply brush your teeth with Silver Care EXPERIENCE Whitening day after day.

The hairs on the Silver Care EXPERIENCE Bleaching head are all rounded by mechanical polishing

Each filament is rounded unlike the majority of toothbrushes where the bristles are cut with a paper cutter and have angular and aggressive heads.

  • This technique of polishing the bristles of the brush avoids irritating the gums with each brushing as well as scratching the enamel, day after day.
  • The Silver Care EXPERIENCE Whitening toothbrush is very flexible, it perfectly cleans your teeth and protects your gums.

What will happen if I use a Silver Care EXPERIENCE Whitening toothbrush?

The first sensation will be immediate: the softness of the brushing is surprising, this is the main comment from all our customers.

  • Day after day, your teeth will strengthen and brighten. To get brighter teeth, you need to brush your teeth regularly.
  • After a few weeks, the teeth will become lighter, whitening will not occur in 3 days.
  • The Silver Care EXPERIENCE Whitening toothbrush helps whiten teeth by erasing the film on the surface of the teeth.
  • Random color. Free Shipping.


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