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brosse a dents gencives sensibles Silver Care One
Brosse a dents gencive avec 1 recharge Silver Care One
Tete de rechange Gencive Brosse a dents  Silver Care
Blister 3 recharges Brosse à dents Gencive Silver Care One
Comment chnager la tete de la brosse a dents Silver Care One
brosse a dents gencives sensibles Silver Care One
Brosse a dents gencive avec 1 recharge Silver Care One
Tete de rechange Gencive Brosse a dents  Silver Care
Blister 3 recharges Brosse à dents Gencive Silver Care One
Comment chnager la tete de la brosse a dents Silver Care One

Silver Care ONE Gums Toothbrush + 1 Refill - Lasts 6 months

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If cold or heat gives you painful sensations on your gums, if drinking coffee or eating ice cream becomes painful, your gums are probably traumatized by excess tartar.

The Silver Care ONE Gum Toothbrush can soothe your inflamed gums.

We advise you to consult a dental surgeon for an initial check-up. He will provide you with a diagnosis of the condition of your gums. Then the Silver Care Gums toothbrush will maintain this treatment.

If dental plaque is not sufficiently eliminated in the gingival sulcus (line between the tooth and the gum), it hardens and turns into tartar.

  • This excess dental plaque can also be the cause of bad breath.
  • It is this tartar that will go down the tooth, under the gum, will inflame it and make it painful.
  • The encrustation of tartar will also cause the teeth to become loose, which will make them even more sensitive.

The maceration of food remains between the teeth is one of the causes of bad breath.

  • It is strongly recommended to use dental floss after each brushing to properly clean the interdental area.
  • Excess dental plaque (bacteria) causes teeth to loosen, certainly 0.3 mm per year remains insignificant but imagine after 20 to 30 years.
  • Imagine your teeth with 1.5 to 2 cm less gum tissue, they will be exposed, very sensitive and not very beautiful.
  • They will fall, it will then be necessary to use a prosthesis.

The Silver Care ONE Gum toothbrush cleans the narrowest interdental spaces.

  • The conical tips of the micro-fine bristles penetrate deeper along the gum line.
  • Reduction of heaving . The toothbrush bristle heads are all rounded to avoid trauma to the gum tissues.
  • Brushing is really very gentle and above all very effective.

In the handle of the Silver Care ONE Gum toothbrush there is a counterweight of 11 gr.

  • This allows you to put much less pressure on your gums during brushing for an equivalent action.
  • Your brain will register that weight corresponds to force, so it will clean your teeth and gums by reducing the pressing force.

Gingive Silver Care ONE toothbrush, the base of the head is coated with pure silver, it is truly pure silver, not a marketing gimmick. t3736>

  • A toothbrush contains more than 10 million bacteria, a toothbrush is never clean, these bacteria will be redeposited and added to the mouth.
  • We brush our teeth to remove bacteria, not to add them.
  • On contact with water or saliva, silver produces a natural ionic action.
  • This action will destroy 95% of the 10 million residual bacteria that proliferate in the bristles of your toothbrush every day.

This is why Silver Care toothbrushes are unique, if you are sensitive to the quality of your oral hygiene, this toothbrush is perfect for you.

  • It is not more expensive, we deliver to your home in Tracked Shipping and we follow you regularly.
  • You will receive an email every 11 weeks to remember to change the head on the correct date.
  • You will have a perfect toothbrush every day, a worn toothbrush damages the enamel and gums.
  • After 2 to 3 months, a worn toothbrush will destroy the fibers of your gums and cause receding.

Why is the Silver Care ONE toothbrush environmentally friendly?

  • A toothbrush handle is never worn out so why throw away the whole toothbrush.
  • Did you know that in France alone we throw away more than 1200 tonnes of plastic toothbrush handles for nothing.
  • In 2050, if we do nothing, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.
  • Throwing away your toothbrush, it's nothing but a small personal gesture, but throwing away 80 million, imagine!

Indeed, the Silver care ONE toothbrush is in a plastic blister, here is the explanation:
  • This is a special plastic that decomposes more quickly.
  • The toothbrush is sterilized right to your door because the product is packaged with local air from the factory or country where it is located.
  • The product will be transported, stored hot and cold and will end up exposed to UV rays in stores.
  • The bacterial proliferation is then enormous.
  • The toothbrush is sterilized in the packaging for completely neutral air inside the blister.
  • Plastic is the only airtight, non-porous material.

This is why with Silver Care, you risk nothing because the bacterial field is completely neutral from the start.

  • A small invisible detail designed to provide you with maximum security.
  • Silver Care is a unique, modern, economical, ecological and antibacterial toothbrush.
  • Don't hesitate any longer, are you going to change your toothbrush?
  • Try Silver Care!

Delivery: 1 ONE Gingive Sterilized toothbrush with 1 replacement head.

For additional hygiene.

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