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Fil dentaire au fluor Silver Care Dentonet
Fil dentaire au fluor Silver Care rouleau
Fil dentaire au fluor Silver Care Dentonet
Fil dentaire au fluor Silver Care rouleau

Fluor Silver Care Dental Floss - 1 Roll 50 m

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Pro Fluor Silver Care dental floss!

The teeth are cleaned by brushing but a toothbrush cannot perfectly reach the surface between the teeth.

Dental floss is a complementary technique for cleaning these surfaces.

- As you have often heard, it is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day.

- At night, there is less movement of saliva, the protection of the teeth decreases, we often wake up with a dry mouth.

- It is thought that the best time would be to complete evening brushing with dental floss.

- The more teeth are cleaned, the lower the risk of contamination.

    Dental floss is for single use, throw the piece away after each use.

    Dental floss becomes loaded with bacteria when used!

    - Reusing a piece of dental floss would involve reloading bacteria in your mouth that you removed during previous brushing.

    - Obviously, you should never lend dental floss that has already been used or dried.

    - A little tip: you can floss while brushing.

    - Handling the floss will bring toothpaste between the teeth for better cleaning.

      With rinsing, food particles will be loosened and removed.

      How should you floss?

      - Cut between 15 to 20 cm then wrap it around a finger of each hand.

      - Clamp the floss firmly between the thumb and index finger of each hand, slide it between your teeth and activate a back and forth movement while rotating around the tooth.

      - Rub the teeth with the floss, paying particular attention to the gums.

      > - Never go further than 0.2 to 0.3 mm below the gum.

        If you go too far below the gum line, there is a significant risk of rupture of the ligaments that hold your gum line to your teeth.

        This action can cause teeth to become loose.

        Silver Care Silica dental floss.

        - Loaded with fluoride to strengthen the base of the teeth.

        - Easy to use dental floss between teeth.

        - Increased freshness thanks to the mint aroma of dental floss.

        - Do not go more than 1 mm below the gum

        - Avoids an accumulation of dental plaque at the base of the teeth.

        Delivery:1 Roll of 50 m Pro Fluor dental floss

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