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Warning: Very dangerous toothpaste!

Warning: Very dangerous toothpaste!


Social networks are certainly an excellent invention but be careful!

Internet users who claim to be very informed allow themselves to disseminate information that can panic certain people.

  • Organic, natural or dangerous toothpaste because it is chemically charged, even potentially fatal!
  • At Ampheris we are professionals, reading such comments is unacceptable and unacceptable.

    The colors on tubes of toothpaste or other products only serve as an optical cue to the machines that cut them or fill the product.

  • Such information can seriously harm brands, companies where employees work seriously and this type of argument can call into question their employment.
  • How can we imagine for a second that brands will distribute dangerous hygiene products under the cover of the government or health or ethics authorities.
  • As the color black is very widespread, imagine the number of people who would be sick or even die from using dangerous toothpaste. (or other products)
  • This is also valid for beauty products, medicines or all kinds of tubes.
    • Sorry for this little outburst, for us it is unacceptable to read such articles on a social network where many young people communicate with each other.

    • This information can become dangerous for people who believe it, regardless of the brand or product.
    • The worst thing is that this information went viral all over the world but no one thought it necessary to delete it.
      • You can trust us, we do not distribute chemically processed products like many other serious brands.

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