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Brushing your teeth: The choice of toothbrush is important!

Brushing your teeth: The choice of toothbrush is important!

Brushing your teeth twice a day is excellent for your health.

Yet we often make a lot of mistakes.

Cleaning only the teeth is insufficient, we must think of the interdental spaces and the tongue.

  • The choice of your toothbrush is important for good dental hygiene. There is an incredible quantity of toothbrushes, there is no shortage of choice but which one to choose!
  • A very common mistake is choosing the wrong toothbrush due to ignorance.
  • If you don't know, you can ask your dentist or you can also ask us, we are specialists and advising you will be a real pleasure.

The best toothbrush is not necessarily the most expensive, this is just our opinion but we recommend that you avoid packs of 3 or 4 brushes teeth at an unbeatable price, of course you will brush your teeth but will have no technical advantage for the protection of your mouth and you will increase the risk of trauma to your gums.

The filaments (hairs) are common hairs which will not provide you with any gingival safety.

The size of a toothbrush head is important for effective brushing.

  • You will find Normal, Compact or Mini toothbrush heads.
  • Do not take a head that is too large because you will not be able to properly clean the back teeth (molars) and especially the back side of the teeth.
  • For a person with a strong build and a large mouth, a normal head may be suitable (Ampheris offers the PLUS NEW in Soft or Medium).

The most common toothbrush size is "Compact" for adults and adolescents.

Then the choice of hair density is important.

We recommend that you absolutely avoid hard toothbrushes, many people think that a hard brush will clean better, this is completely false, and especially filaments can cause serious gum problems.

  • A hard brush can cause trauma to the gums leading to loosening of the teeth over the months.
  • It can also scratch the enamel which will lose its protection and thus increase the risk of developing cavities.
  • A hard toothbrush does not clean better but will irritate your gums which can bleed and become sensitive.

To clean your teeth properly, it is the movement exercised that is important.

You must brush the teeth from the gum to the top of the tooth and a back and forth type movement.

  • It is not necessary to press on the toothbrush.
  • The filaments are perfectly suited to penetrate everywhere without needing to press on the brush.
  • Soft filaments are best suited for people with sore gums or sensitive tooth surfaces.

The flexibility of the filaments makes it possible to reach all areas of the mouth, without pressure and without trauma.

At Ampheris, you will find toothbrushes adapted to every need and of high quality. (Charcoal, Gum, Bleaching or children and babies).

The last point and one of the most important is the frequency of changing your toothbrush.

You should never use a toothbrush for more than 3 months maximum.

  • This is not to force you to buy more toothbrushes, it is proven that from 2 months a toothbrush becomes “tired”.
  • The filaments have become aggressive, they will traumatize the gums and you will no longer be able to clean everywhere in the mouth.
  • The “cauliflower” hairs can no longer reach all parts of the teeth.

At Ampheris you will find a quality toothbrush from 1.08 €/month.

  • You will be sure to brush your teeth safely for your gums.
  • We often talk about the gums but these tissues are essential for your teeth, without the gums, we would not have teeth, it is only marketing to always talk about the gums, to protect them is vital for our health.


A visit at least once a year to your dentist is also very important for the quality of your dental hygiene.

To be continued…

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