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Dental hygiene for babies

Dental hygiene for babies

Dental hygiene for babies is essential to promote good oral health from an early age. Here are some tips for taking care of your baby's teeth:

  • Clean the gums: From the first days of life, use a clean, damp compress to gently wipe your baby's gums after each meal and before bedtime. This helps remove milk or food residue.
  • Using a baby toothbrush:When your baby's first teeth begin to emerge (usually around 6 months of age), start using a toothbrush to baby with soft hairs. You can opt for a silicone finger brush or a small toothbrush specially designed for toddlers.
  • Brush teeth twice a day: Brush your baby's teeth gently twice a day, preferably after meals and before bedtime. Use a small amount of fluoride-free toothpaste specially made for babies. Make sure the amount of toothpaste is tiny, about the size of a grain of rice.
  • Watch nutrition: Avoid giving your baby bottles filled with juice or sweetened milk at night, as this can contribute to tooth decay. Also limit the consumption of sugar in your baby's diet.
  • Limit bottle use: Do not let your baby fall asleep with a bottle containing milk or juice, as this can lead to bottle cavities.
  • See a dentist: Schedule your baby's first visit to the dentist around age 1 or as soon as the first tooth emerges. The dentist will be able to monitor your child's oral health and give you specific advice.
  • Establish a routine: Create a daily routine for your baby's dental hygiene to get him used to taking care of his teeth early.
  • Be a role model: Lead by example by taking care of your own teeth. Children tend to imitate their parents, so show them how to brush their teeth properly.

Early dental hygiene is essential to avoid future dental problems. By following these tips, you can help support your baby's oral health from an early age.

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