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How to have white teeth naturally!

How to have white teeth naturally!


Having white teeth is not a natural thing.

Indeed, the shade of our teeth is adapted to our DNA, to our face, to our body size.

  • We all have different shades depending on our personality, you should know that to make a dental prosthesis, the shades are divided into a shade guide of 16 shades .
  • We can refine each shade according to the patient, starting from the base shade.
  • If you want to whiten your teeth, you will have to remove the surface layer which mainly makes up your shade.
  • By removing this layer we will necessarily lighten the tooth but above all we will remove the surface protection.
  • The tooth will lighten because we will approach the center of the dentin, this will make the tooth fragile and above all a bacterial attack will be easier.
  • Often the teeth are gray or dark because they have a surface veil, surface stains, etc…

A health professional (dental surgeon) can eliminate this veil because they perfectly master the products designed and dosed for this.

Under no circumstances should products sold on the internet be applied or carry out applications in centers which have no training on the risks of such applications.

Important: by applying an uncontrolled product to the teeth, you will especially inflame the gums and destroy the enamel.

  • The damage can be very serious and irreversible.
  • Severe pain in the gums, the attacked tissues will retract, the teeth will become loose and eventually fall out.
  • By whitening teeth with anything, they will become sensitive to heat and cold, even cold air in winter can be extremely unpleasant.
  • Everyone has an experience, a grandmother's remedy, a tip or trick that works 100%, to be honest, whitening a tooth is very easy using acidic products, the result will be guaranteed, future tooth loss and gum pain too.

If you want to lighten your teeth, ask your dentist, he will be able to apply a perfectly safe product-light protocol, then you can continue with a toothbrush that is truly adapted and designed for this. without any risk for your gums.

  • Don't think that all the models you see in magazines have dream teeth, the magic of photo editing does its job. “White Sink” teeth practically don’t exist.
  • Look at the number of artists, singers, actors who have ultra white prosthetics which are really very “ugly”, lifeless, opaque, this white tint has taken away their personality.

At Ampheris we could sell a lot of Professional Whitening Kits but we never will because we see too much damage due to incorrect application of the product.

We offer a “Special White Teeth” toothbrush which can maintain any possible whitening at a Dentist or which will simply remove day after day the stains and the veil which are on the surface of your teeth, without any risk and naturally.

The dosage was created in the laboratory for regular, risk-free use.

Thank you for your attention, we remain at your disposal if you require more information.

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