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Sport and dental hygiene underperformance - Part 1

Sport and dental hygiene underperformance - Part 1


Silver Care toothbrush and sports performance, sport and dental hygiene.

Sports poor performance can have an oral and dental origin?

  • A simple tooth decay  can cause tendinitis or even muscle pain.
  • An infectious focus in the teeth can have a strong migratory power.
  • The human body is like a chain, when one link is defective it jeopardizes the strength of the entire chain.
  • A dental problem can lead to an imbalance in the spine and muscles.
  • Of course, changing your toothbrush won't win you the Olympic Games!

    A simple dental filling attacked by bacteria can lead to jaw tension.

    These tensions can be felt all the way to the ankles.

    In addition to jaw imbalance problems, irritations, infections and inflammations can also have other consequences such as creating inflammations, strains, contractures or in the body. t9> tendonitis.

  • It is likely that among the 27 million French people who practice sporting activity , few imagine that the health of the mouth has an influence on the human body.
  • A dentist at INSEP, referent to the French Athletics Federation, explains that dental bacteria and toxins circulate throughout the human body, they are in permanent migration and affect the performance and health of athletes.
  • With higher than average food intake, athletes have their teeth more exposed to the risk of cavities than the average population, other athletes also put their teeth at risk through the practice of contact sports.
  • When we practice scuba diving, aviation, parachuting, we experience an increase in pressure.

    If a gas microbubble is found in a tooth, it can cause significant pain.

  • High-level athletes are constantly monitored at INSEP, there is a real awareness of the importance of dental hygiene among high-level athletes.
  • On the other hand, for amateur sportspeople, awareness of the effectiveness of good dental hygiene through regular brushing, the use of dental products quality, a regular visit every year to a dentist is far from being heard.
  • Too often, only tooth decay is a priority, yet all problems of gums, loose teeth are also symptoms poor performance.
  • brosses-a-dents-pour-sportifs

    The millions of French people who practice amateur or high-level sporting or physical activity admit that they contribute to improving their health.

  • Yet many are unaware of how oral health has a very important impact on their practice.
  • The idea that dental caries, a tooth meshing problem, poor dental hygiene could harm their performance continues to arouse astonishment among these athletes and is very little taken into consideration by practitioners or their entourage.
  • A toothbrush contains more than 10 million bacteria, the Silver Care patent eliminates 95% of these residual bacteria every day and thus avoids redepositing them in the mouth.
  • A bacteria enters the mouth, infiltrates the saliva, passes into the blood, then into the organs and muscles.
  • The muscles are infected by bacteria from the mouth, resistance is reduced.
  • The cost of using a Silver Care toothbrush is really insignificant (starting from 0.82 €/month) in view of all the advantages it brings.

  • It is quite obvious that it is not by using a Silver care product that you will win the Olympic Games.
  • It is permanent use which will improve your performance as an "amateur sportsman" day after day by reducing muscle fatigue. You will still brush your teeth, why not try Silver Care.
  • We are not trying to sell you a superfluous product but a product that you use every day, economical, innovative, try Silver Care for your next toothbrush, only you can form an opinion without any exorbitant financial investment.
  • Thank you for your trust.

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