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Tartar and the toothbrush.

Tartar and the toothbrush.

Dental tartar and dental plaque!

How to avoid having loose teeth!

The best way to avoid tartar formation is to practice good oral hygiene.

What is dental tartar?

Simply dental plaque that has not been removed and has solidified.

  • This is why it is important not to add bacteria from the toothbrush to the bacteria already present in the mouth.
  • You should not only brush your teeth but also your gums with a suitable brush.
  • It is essential to clean the gum line of each tooth with each brushing.

The use of dental floss is strongly recommended after each brushing!

Flossing removes plaque between teeth, with tartar easily developing in tight spaces.

  • Silver Care has invented the only toothbrush that NATURALLY destroys the millions of bacteria present in a toothbrush while you are not using it.
  • This technology avoids putting these bacteria back into the mouth the next time you brush.
  • You will find on this site toothbrushes adapted to each pathology, this is not marketing but a reality for each personal need.


The base of the Silver Care ONE toothbrush head is made of silver.

In the last centuries, men used silver nuggets to disinfect drinking water, to sanitize it.

  • While resting, a classic toothbrush does not destroy the millions of bacteria present in its filaments.
  • The Silver Care toothbrush succeeded in this cleaning with supporting evidence, 95% bacterial destruction every 24 hours.  

Excess bacteria leads to increased formation of dental plaque.

  • It transforms into tartar, seeps under the gums, loosens teeth and increases bad breath.
  • You can continue to brush your teeth with a bacteria-laden brush or try another experience by discovering Silver Care.
  • Charcoal toothbrushes dissolve plaque 2 times faster than a normal toothbrush.
  • The Medium toothbrush (above) has a more effective structure for larger mouths.
  • With Silver Care, your toothbrush will be healthy every day, it's not more expensive, it's simply more effective.
  • Removing plaque to avoid tartar is an act of preserving teeth and gums for the future.

Nouvelle brosse à dents écologiques, antibactérienne et économique Silver Care. Ne jetez plus toute votre brosse à dents, ne changez que la tête, cela économisera plus de 1200 tonnes de plastique jetées pour rien chaque année.

Your health starts with your mouth.


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