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The importance of oral hygiene?

The importance of oral hygiene?

What is oral hygiene?

It is a set of actions that keep the mouth clean, healthy and healthy.

  • Never forget that health begins with the mouth.
  • What are the procedures performed on a daily basis for dental hygiene?
  • The brushing of the teeth , the brushing of the tongue.
  • Flossing, cleaning with brushes.
  • Cleaning with mouthwash.
  • A practitioner practices various processes and techniques such as scaling to prevent and preserve.
  • The main enemy of the mouth is bacterial proliferation which transforms into dental plaque and tartar.


What is the benefit of prevention for good oral hygiene?

  • Oral hygiene is essential to have a beautiful smile andgood breath.
  • It is also essential to have good gums because teeth only survive with healthy gums.
  • Using a quality toothbrush doesn't mean spending a lot of money.
  • We are going to present to you items that you will not find in supermarkets and which cost from €0.82 to €1.60 per month.

We must remember that a toothbrush contains more than 10 million bacteria!

  • A bacterium is invisible and like everything that is invisible, we know it but we give it no importance, 30 years later it is too late.
  • Having a quality toothbrush will not obscure the need for a visit to your dental surgeon, the toothbrush will reduce the risk of dental caries, reduce dental plaque , bad breath, etc…
  • A reduction in bacteria reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, premature birth, reduces fatigue, rheumatism, etc.
  • We'll show you different toothbrushes and why they're really different.

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