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How to choose a toothbrush for your child?

How to choose a toothbrush for your child?

It is obvious that if brushing your teeth twice a day is important for an adult, it is also important for a child.

There are many children's toothbrushes on the market, it is absolutely necessary to use a soft or even very soft toothbrush.

  • A very soft toothbrush is absolutely essential for a child up to 12 years old.
  • You have to make brushing your teeth fun for a child by explaining to them why it is important.
  • You should not choose a toothbrush solely for its aesthetic appearance, even if it is pretty, make sure the handle is appropriate for your child's hand and that the head is not too large.
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  • A head that is too large will not allow effective brushing.
  • Also remember to change your toothbrush regularly every 2 months.

Teaching your child how to brush their teeth is important.

He must understand that there is no point in pressing hard on the toothbrush.

  • You have to explain to him that it will damage his gums which are very fragile.
  • That if he presses his toothbrush, his teeth will not be any cleaner.
  • You also need to teach him to count in his head, for example up to 50 or 60.
  • He will understand that this corresponds to a correct brushing time.
  • The ideal for a child is to use an hourglass set to 2 minutes.

At, as a dental specialist, we have a range of high quality children's toothbrushes.

  • UNIQUE: an antibacterial head that will destroy 95% of the 10 million bacteria that proliferate in the head of your child's toothbrush every day.
  • We must be honest and recognize that a toothbrush does not cost very much, this object is nevertheless trivialized even though it is the source of our health and especially that of our children.

Do not load your child's toothbrush with too much toothpaste.

  • For a child aged 6 to 8 years, a dose the size of a pea is sufficient.
  • Up to 12 years, a dose the size of a chickpea is sufficient.
  • Excess toothpaste has no impact, the most important thing is to adapt a child's toothpaste to their age.
  • Do not give an 8 year old child adult toothpaste, the manufacturing formulas are different.

    For babies, using a suitable baby toothbrush is important, no need for toothpaste, a very soft, wet toothbrush is sufficient.

    We can also advise you on the choice and needs of your child, even if you do not buy on our site, our advice is professional and free, it's our job.


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