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Why choose an Ampheris toothbrush

Why choose an Ampheris toothbrush


Why buy a Toothbrush from ?

We all use a toothbrush every day. How to choose it?

  • Manufacturers are doubling their energy in attractive packaging, television advertisements with actors with perfect teeth.
  • Few people really know the origin of the products as much as the origin of the materials used to make these toothbrushes.
  • Of course, far from thinking that these products are not terrible or worth nothing.
  • This is false, a majority of products are of decent quality, we will eliminate the packs at €1.50 for 3 or 4 toothbrushes. has chosen to work with an Italian manufacturer, recognized for 150 years for the quality of its manufacturing.

  • We would have liked to work with a French production but this is not possible, building a company in France is unfeasible because the financial costs would be enormous but even if it were possible, where would the raw material come from: from abroad.
  • is a French company based in Provence.
  • We have been working in the dental world since 1975, all these years have enormously enriched us in experience and this knowledge is not financially quantifiable but it is precious.
  • We could have chosen to sell different brands purchased far from home or from large suppliers.
  • This would certainly be more prolific but would in no way correspond to our philosophy of offering our customers a range of high quality dental hygiene care products and above all providing personalized advice , technical and professional.

Our greatest satisfaction is receiving messages from our customers who are completely satisfied with their toothbrush.

  • We must recognize that we are more likely to share an opinion with friends or family on the latest cell phone or the latest car than on the toothbrush we have just bought.
  • It is extremely difficult to convince a person of the usefulness of choosing this or that toothbrush, at first glance who will be able to tell that this toothbrush is unique world or that its gum care power is exceptional: few people.
  • During our surveys, a third of people found that the toothbrush was expensive, obviously when we see the price of the H2O item (4.95€) the first reaction is to say: a toothbrush at 4.€95 is still very expensive!
  • Indeed, but it's not a toothbrush that you're buying, it's at least 2 toothbrushes because the pack lasts 6 months which represents 2.€47 for a toothbrush or 0.€82/month.
  • Of course we recommend changing the toothbrush every 2 months but if you change it every 3 months at most, you will only have spent 0.€82/month. Cheaper than a simple espresso in a bar.

By purchasing your toothbrush at AMPHERIS:

  • You will allow a French company to exist.
  • You will help save jobs in France.
  • You will receive a quality product directly to your home with tracked shipping.
  • You will have a unique product in the world.
  • There is no toothbrush with an antibacterial silver head.)

Other AMPHERIS advantages.COM:

  • Your toothbrush will be clean every day.
  • This means that it will be rid of 95% of the millions of bacteria which proliferate inside the filaments of the head every day.
  • You will carry out a major ecological action:
  • Throwing away a toothbrush is nothing for any of us but imagine what more than 80 million toothbrushes throw away while the handle is still intact represents. Even if our waste treatment system is modern in France, this is not the case in all countries and moreover it will be necessary to recreate plastic to remanufacture 80 million toothbrushes each year in France.
  • You will have access to a unique advisory service.

You can call 04.4241.09.08 to obtain advice on choosing a product, to explain your gum or tartar or other problems to us or by email to:

You will regularly receive one email per quarter.

  • Changing your toothbrush in the right time is very important, don't think about the renewal date of your toothbrush, we'll think about it for you. You will simply receive an email to think about changing your mind on the anniversary . Don't worry, no advertising harassment, that's not our philosophy, we will never sell or share our customer files outside our group.
  • You will perfectly protect your gums.

We must not forget that many dental problems come from traumatized gums, from retraction of the gums which loosen the teeth and cause discomfort in the heat, in the cold, swollen gums, etc… We must combat bacterial proliferation to have correct teeth, to avoid suffering or having recurring bad breath.

All these tips are important for adults but also for children and babies, at we think of the whole family.

Do not forget that consulting your Dentist at least once a year is essential (even for children) to maintain good oral health, a Silver Care toothbrush will maintain this diagnosis but will never replace the care of a practitioner.

Thank you for your attention, we will be delighted to welcome you to

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