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Silver-Care Orthodontic toothbrush + 1 refill.
Silver-Care Orthodontic toothbrush + 1 refill.
Silver-Care Orthodontic toothbrush + 1 refill.
Silver-Care Orthodontic toothbrush + 1 refill.
Silver-Care Orthodontic toothbrush + 1 refill.
Silver-Care Orthodontic toothbrush + 1 refill.

Silver-Care Orthodontic toothbrush + 1 refill.

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Silver Care H2O Orthodontics toothbrush

Wearing orthodontic treatment often leads to cleaning problems.

Why is the Silver Care H2O Orthodontic toothbrush different?

We brush our teeth to clean our teeth and gums, but who cleans the toothbrush.

The action of brushing your teeth helps remove bacteria to prevent them from transforming into dental plaque then into tartar.

- If dental plaque is not removed enough, it hardens and sticks to the base of the teeth and penetrates under the gums.

- Perfect cleaning around orthodontic braces or orthodontic wires thanks to the special bristle cut.

- V-cut bristles, pure active silver head, "SOFT" filament density to allow gentle brushing.

    In a toothbrush, more than 10 million bacteria proliferate all day long.

    - When you brush your teeth again, these residual bacteria will be redeposited in your mouth.

    - The H2O Orthontic toothbrush will destroy 95% of these bacteria every 24 hours.

    - This manufacturing process is really different, which is why the Silver Care Ortho toothbrush is very effective.

        If I use Silver Care H2O Orthodontic, will my teeth be healthier?

        Beyond cleaning orthodontic appliances, the H2O Orthodontic brush is antibacterial.

        - The base of the Silver Care H2O Orthodontic head is covered in pure silver.

        - Silver in contact with water produces an ionic action which naturally destroys bacteria

        - Nature created this action and thanks to this, this unique and above all natural solution will clean the toothbrush.

          Each filament of the toothbrush is rounded unlike the majority of toothbrushes.

          - This technique of polishing the bristles of the brush avoids irritating the gums and scratching the enamel with each brushing, day after day.

          - The technical structure makes it possible to remove as much dental plaque as possible around the teeth and in the interdental spaces by reducing residual tartar.

          - Specially suited for cleaning around orthodontic wire attachments and braces.

          - Reducing tartar will increase the firmness of the gums, reduce tartar around the teeth and bad breath.

              In 30 years, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish, this is unacceptable.

              STOP! Every year in France alone we throw away more than 80 million toothbrushes. This has to stop.

              - With the Silver Care H2O Orthodontic toothbrush, only change the head, a handle is never worn out, what do you think?

              - We all have the opportunity to save more than 1,200 tonnes of plastic thrown away for nothing each year in France.

              - The handle is guaranteed for life, we will change it for free in the event of a problem.

                  Sterilized in packaging to avoid contamination by cold, heat, UV during transport or storage.

                  Free Shipping.

                  For additional hygiene.

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